Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "STEP system"?

A STEP (Septic Tank Effluent Pump) system includes a septic tank and a pump. Sewage is conveyed by gravity from a building’s plumbing line to the septic tank. Solids settle and are broken down in the septic tank. Liquid waste is pumped out of the septic tank to another location for treatment or dispersal. STEP systems differ from grinder pump systems in that solids remain in the septic tank. The solids naturally degrade and are eventually pumped out.

What is the benefit of using a "STEP system"?

By pumping effluent only and leaving solids in the septic tank, service lines can be smaller and many of the costs associated with pump and handling solids can be avoided. 

Who uses STEP systems?

Individual homeowners, wastewater utilities, municipalities, and commercial entities all use STEP systems to handle their wastewater. STEP systems are being used across the United States as a cost-effective means of providing sewer service where conventional septic systems are failing or where new sewer capacity is desired.

What is a pump vault and what is it used for?

A pump vault hangs inside a septic tank (sometimes called an “insert”) and houses the effluent pump along with a filter to keep solids from clogging the effluent pump. Using a pump vault inside a septic tank eliminates the cost and footprint needed for a separate pump dosing tank.

Who does Stepros serve?

Our products are used by wastewater engineers, installers, utilities, and other entities who maintain decentralized wastewater systems.

How do I say your name, is it "Step-ros"?

Stepros (pronounced “Step pros”) is an abbreviated version of “STEP Pros” which is short for Septic Tank Effluent Pump Professionals. 

What industries does Stepros serve?

Stepros specializes in decentralized wastewater Septic Tank Effluent Pump (STEP) systems, commonly referred to as “onsite systems.”

What makes Stepros different from other wastewater equipment manufacturers?

Stepros understands the high cost of service calls and regular maintenance. Some wastewater products have a low up-front purchase price but are costly on the back-end requiring frequent cleaning. That’s why our products, such as the self-cleaning effluent pump vault, were specifically designed to reduce or eliminate the need for regular cleaning. Experienced maintenance providers value products that minimize the burden of ongoing wastewater system maintenance.