Pump Vaults

pump vault
pump vault

Stepros pump vaults house a high-head effluent pump that is used for pumping effluent from a septic tank or a dosing tank. 

What makes Stepros pump vaults different from all other pump vaults?

Stepros pump vaults use a patented self-flushing design to prevent the build-up of solids on the filter. Each time the pump activates, a small amount of filtered effluent is pumped back to the filter chamber to flush out any solids. Less solids mean less maintenance and fewer service calls.

1,000s of pump vaults
in operation
since 2017

Solids are discharged away from the filter and back into the tank each time the pump discharges effluent.

Typical STEP system installation in a single-compartment septic tank.

Vault Back
Vault front transparent

Available Sizes

Pump vaults are available in various sizes, including 45″, 54″, and 78″.

45" Vault (HFSCV45MF12)
54" Vault (HFSCV54MF12)
78" Vault (HFSCV78MF12)

Pump Filters

Stepros pump filters are designed for use with Stepros pump vaults. Filters feature an integrated removeable float tree which allows more room for the floats to move up and down. More room means fewer false alarms from floats hung in the “up” position. 

Filter with Handle

Stepros pump filters are easy to remove.

The integrated float tree makes float maintenance simple.