Other Products That We Carry

Stepros carefully selects which products from other manufacturers to carry as part of our effluent pumping packages. Contact us for complete effluent pumping packages or if you need a specific product.

A Pentair pump.

NDS makes quality meter boxes and lids.

NDS logo

Pentair offers a variety of effluent pumps, such as their 10 GPM 1/2 HP 115V pump with 30′ lead (Sta-Rite STEP10X30FT-02) which is commonly used in our STEP packages. Effluent pumps of different sizes are available.

Pentair logo

SimTech makes quality 24″ riser lids in both polycarbonate/ABS (STF-APC24G) and metal (STF-CI24G).

SimTech logo

Conery makes float switches for various applications with cords of many lengths.

Conery Logo